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Rain Boy

I’m Goran Jovic, a documentary photo reporter seeking for extraordinary stories all around the world. I have spent past four years trying to find someone to whom I have never spoken but I caught his eyes among the raindrops. I’m planning to start a trip “Looking for … the Rain Boy.”

He caught my eye and my camera in 2011 during my volunteer work in Tanzania and since then a photo of him won a lot of awards and it, somehow, won my heart so I set it on finding him once again somewhere in Tanzanian wilderness.

Rain Boy and I met while it was raining cats and dogs, both speechless as he was staring at me across the muddy field. Hypnotised? Why? Was he staring at food while hunger was eating him up? Was he scared or shocked by the presence of a white? There are so many questions that I would like to ask him if and when I find him!

My trip has two main goals which are set around the mysterious identity of this boy and his influence on my life and work. Firstly, I want to meet him and finally speak to him, get to know his name, his whereabouts, find more about his life. Then, I would present him the world that he opened for me through the photo that made me and him known to the world. I wonder how to explain all these viral things to a boy who doesn’t know what a camera is and who probably has never seen his own photo before. I would like to spend as much time as needed to explain to him how he affected the people who saw him and how many people sympathised with so many others like him just because they saw him standing somewhere in the rain. Wouldn’t it be such a challenge to find someone who doesn’t expect to be found and let him know that he made such an influence on the world that he isn’t probably aware of. The entire search for the Rain Boy will be made into a documentary film and it will portray the need of a photographer to find the source of his inspiration and to present him with the limitless world where one staring eyes have touched the souls of so many.

Documentary film will be a step by step video of a search which will inevitably meet so many obstacles one of them being the fact that his tribe is nomadic. There are so many questions to unfold. Where is he now? Is he still alive? Secondly, since his image has done so much for me without his knowledge, I would most definitely like to offer him something in return. I don’t know a lot about his wishes but I hope they will unveil as we speak and although I have already learnt that his people are modest and proud I know of no reason why I should make at least one of his wishes come true.

The story about the Rain Boy encompasses much more than just him, it is a try to reach out for all those children who know nothing about the world around them but they are still spiritually richer than the others.

When you see them waiting in the line for food or walking for miles to get some water, you easily realise that although they are happy with what they have, they could learn and be so much more if someone just reaches out and shows them that they still make the difference.

Children standing in the line struggling to get a bit of corn mash

On the way to Almanemaljok viilage

Walking on the path near Empakai crater

Near Ol Doinyo Lengai (mountain of God), Naiyobi village still not in sight.

Roommates at Naiyobi village.

“Rain Boy” awards :

“Shoot the Face” award winner 2013, International Portrait Award

World Cup of Photography, US 2013, grand prize

Photolistic Life, US 2013, award winner

Fremantle International Portrait Prize winner, Australia 2013

Best Shot – Portraiture , United Kingdom 2013, 2nd place

New York C.F.P.A. Black & White 2013, 2nd place

EIP Award UPI, Egypt 2014, gold medal

Colors of Life 1st prize, Washington 2014

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