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My project will show all the spectrum of the problem by presenting the different way of living without taking the sides. I believe that the most appropriate method to define the relation between rural and urban is by influences on people and nature life.

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Love Has to Be Reinvented

My last project, WHITE ELEPHANTS, was completed in February 2012 and went on to win the Leica Oscar Barnack Newcomer Award. The series has been part of a worldwide traveling exhibition for last two years.

Now it’s time for me to begin my next photo project with the working title LOVE HAS TO BE REINVENTED. My plan is to travel for one year’s time, documenting the relationship between humanity in its natural state and the lifestyles we create for ourselves. I also intend to focus on the delicate balance between human suffering and happiness.

The places that I will travel to can be divided into two groups – metropolitan cities and rural countrysides. Specific locations will include:

  • Nouadhibou, Mauritania – Nouadhibou, “the entrance to Africa”, is known for its harbor where there are hundreds of abandoned ships. Some of them have been settled by the homeless population. In the context of the topic, it is symbolic of technology’s relationship with the natural landscape.
  • Nuuk, Greenland – Here, nature is dominant over urbanization. Images taken of this landscape will present a life in the harmony with nature.
  • Havana, Cuba – This special region is the mixture of elements from the past and present reality. I plan to compare these complex time relations by juxtaposing family portraits with the natural surroundings of the houses and city spaces.
  • India – Despite its large population, India is one of the most rural places in the world, and the culture’s relationship with nature and spirituality is especially unique here. I want to go to the saint cities of Varanasi, Haridwar, and Rishikash to photograph the way of life.
  • Ukraine, Moldavia, and Romania – Here, I’d like to concentrate on the small, post-communistic villages. Most of the houses are still built from the wood and people celebrate religious festivals daily. I want to capture the simplicity of everyday life in the towns found in these countries.
  • Naples, Italy – With its crowded labyrinth of small ancient streets, Naples shows traces of an old civilization amidst its thoroughly modern inhabitants. The city itself is like the scansion full of time scars.
  • Berlin, Paris, and Marseille – Here I will document the way of life in modern urban centers, concentrating on the individual night life of each. Old bars, clubs, and dark streets will be my main interest, especially the Kreuzberg, Pigalle, and Harbor districts.
  • Kongo – I want to concentrate on the local communities that are living outside of urban centers, very close to nature. I will be specially interested in documenting religious rituals and local festivals that celebrate nature.

The outcomes of this project will include:

1.        A travelling exhibition of about 50 pictures, including cooperation with cultural institutions within each destination city

2.       A published book

3.       Documentary photography workshops taught to locals during my travels

4.       Artist exchanges between myself and other artists in each destination city

Upon successful funding of this campaign, I will start the project in August 2014 and finish in June 2015.

The first trip will be to India from August to October 2014, and the second trip, to Mauretania, will take place from October to November 2014.

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