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I am using photography to question and redefine the relationships of the organic forms that food generates.

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Life from Light – A Graduate Photography Thesis Exhibition

Infinite and Redemption (detail)

I am looking to raise funds that will secure the framing and printing of my photographs for my graduate thesis exhibition. This thesis examines the shared experienced of living on Earth, the idea that we all have life from light. In my artwork, I am especially interested in exploring this forgotten yet still existing connection, in the context of food seen as a product of nature that nourishes all life forms on Earth. The aim is to question and redefine the relationships of organic form that food generates; forms of food that possess a primordial kind of reality connecting with the land and mankind.

This work speaks about survival of mankind and nature, and by helping me exhibit the project we would all be part of making a statement of celebrating the wonders of nature. I want this work to resonate with all of us, since it becomes a connecting part to an experience of being alive on Earth. The work is a testimony against forgetting the bond we have with nature, a celebration of remembrance.


Cosmos and Folklore (detail)

My work is very pictorial and it is best shown at a large scale on matte paper. The show will have on view two artwork sizes: 36″x24″ and 9″x6″. For the large scale, I indent to use a natural dyed wood frame and archival mat around a photo rag paper printed with pigmented inks. The small size will be printed directly on wood using UV printing.

Thus, the exhibition presents photographic works traditionally framed, that allude to places out of mankind reach, as part of something far larger than the Universe itself; photographs printed on wood that become intimate objects reflecting how food gets shaped and invested with human identity; and an experimental short film that will create a distinctive space, in which motion pictures and photography get blended with soundscapes; and lastly a handcrafted artist book.

My biggest challenge is to make sure my artwork is printed at the highest standards available, complementary framed to match the overall concept, and ready for the show, which will be held in May 2015, in Trois Gallery, at the Savannah College of Art and Desing, in Atlanta.

It is important for me to offer with this photographic project, an opportunity of seeing differently the life around us, and to educate our perception about food photography, food origins and natural history.


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    4x6 inch print on photo paper of Redemption image (image displayed on the left)

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    6x9 inch print on photo paper of Redemption image (image displayed on the left)

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    8 x 12 inch print on photo paper of Redemption, Infinite, Cosmos and Primitive Atmosphere photographs (image on the left).

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    4x6 inch print on transparency film of any two images presented on the left, limited edition

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    a signed copy of "Life from Light" artist book, handcrafted in limited edition

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