My name is Andrey and I live in Mykolaiyv, Ukraine. I have been a photographer for over 10 years, focusing mostly on fine art nudes. I have won international photography awards and am now looking to purchase a new camera with the intention to expand and advance my shooting abilities.

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By Andrey Stafieiev

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“I believe in this project. I also know the public and the photographers enjoy it when we celebrate the event. For my project, I am seeking funds to upgrade 5 (or more) photo stations using Lattice panels and receive additional photos for public outdoor exhibitions.”

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Creating an official archive of Jerry Stoll’s photography from the California jazz era.

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Dan Wynn’s fashion images of perfectly coiffed women tell us a lot about the time, the ideals, and what was expected of American women during the mid-twentieth century. He also photographed many major figures of the era, from Alfred Hitchcock and Salvador Dali to Bob Dylan and Al Pacino at the start of their careers.  His body […]

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My goal is to return to the South West of America and complete a body of work by December 2014. This project is the longest running and most important in my career as photographer.

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The Forgotten Americans is a series of portraits involving one of the most marginalized groups in the Philippines – the abandoned American children called the Amerasians.

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