I am currently working on a project where I create jobs for people to feed people in Essaouira, Morocco. I teach photography and video skills to the people I employ to document buying food and giving it to people who need it, then use these photographs and video as promotion.


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Aidez nous a Aider

As an avid traveler, I have had the privilege of experiencing many different cultures and global affairs; this travel was the inspiration behind my career choice of photojournalism. I have always had a passion for social activism through visual art, and photojournalism has been the ultimate expression of this desire.

Throughout my travels to 19 different countries including India, Cambodia, Lao, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Spain and Morocco. I have gained both global and local perspectives of social injustices. I have had the opportunity to work on photo essays and multi-media videos with several subjects who are from marginalized populations. Through my camera, I have the capability to express and expose injustices that otherwise may not be seen.

I have a passion for helping others, and my main philosophy is that we are all equals and each have the same basic human rights. Ignoring or overlooking social injustice is a denial of human rights, and stifles progress. As a photojournalist, I have the opportunity to help people in need by exposing their situations in order to provoke change. I recently worked as a project manager for a non-profit (www.photosensitive.com) where I organized photography exhibits that focused on social issues.


I currently reside in Morocco where I have started my own charity: www.helpustohelp.ca. With this charity I create job opportunities for people in vulnerable situations to feed people. The idea for this project was to work with people who live in marginalized situations in Morocco to help empower them through helping other people.

Every second week we organize a shopping trip to feed a group of people. We pay two individuals who live in difficult circumstances a small fee to help with shopping for food and to create photographs and video. We let the employees use some of our cameras to take photographs and videos of the project to use for promotion, while also developing their own set of skills.

We have taught a few documentary photography workshops with local women to help improve their photography, and learn what to makes a great photograph. We then find people within the community, either through various organizations or families, people who live in difficult circumstances- to buy food for to make their life just a little bit easier. We establish a relationship first and find out what they need, then we go shopping and buy about a weeks worth of groceries for whomever we are working with.


In this way, Aidez nous a Aider creates job opportunities within the community, and helps to provide food to those who may not otherwise have access. We also take photographs and videos of the shopping and distribution of the food to use for promotion and fundraising purposes.

We use our photography and videos as way to support our project and to give the people who make donations to our project a better understanding as to where their money is going towards. Without the use of a camera, our project would be non-existent. In the spring of 2015, we had 20 disposable cameras donated to the project where the people we were buying food for were each given a camera and were given two weeks to take some of their best photographs. We hosted two small exhibits in Toronto, Canada, showcasing some of the photographs and raising awareness about the work we have been doing.


We raise money for the project through various grass roots methods which help our project survive. One hundred per cent of the donations go directly towards our project.We would like to continue on with this campaign by creating a full time position for two people who have been helping with the project.

This project has strictly been based around donations and the staff are all volunteer based. We would like to help cover the costs of the volunteers who run this project to cover the costs of camera equipment, travel costs, accommodation, internet and phone bills, camera repairs, software, editing photographs,  and editing videos. With your help we can keep using photography to empower people through helping people.



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    A photography contest. We will organize up to ten people to have one day to take photos around the city, submit their images, then our photo judging panel (including you) will choose the best photograph. The Contest will be named after the donator (ie. John's Photography Contest in Morocco) and a video will be created of the contest and all acknowledgement will go to the donator. We will send you a signed print of your favorite photograph and acknowledge you on all social media sites.

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