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Yevgen Romanenko is an award winning photographer. He lives between Odessa and Geneva but originally comes from Budapest. His artistic skills developed quite early, since childhood he has been fascinated with fine art. His adventure with photography began at the end of 2010 and in a short time from a hobby developed into a true passion and a professional occupation. Yevgen Romanenko specialises in beauty, fashion, advertising and fine art nudes photography. His eye for capturing authentic human characteristics and expressions is revealed in a unique, painterly style. Yevgen is known for his perfectionism and his photographs are delicate, yet at the same time bright and vivid.

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After both an amazing and adventurous three year long art journey, I finally decided it’s time to turn my photos into something unique and tangible – a beautiful art book. I am seeking funds to complete my photography book of women, portraits, and nudes.

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