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I am a landscape photographer working around the Wirral and surrounding areas. Inspired by our peninsula i endeavor to capture the constantly changing and spectacular views using techniques learnt and developed over the past three years. I have exhibited in the Williamson Art Gallery, The Gallery Liverpool, Liverpool Contemporary Art Fair, Chester Art Fair. I have won the Peoples Choice Award Life through a lens 2012, shown during the Art takes Times Square competition and have various other awards. I became interested in the idea of Poverty being a state of mind after reading of the plight of many families today and want to share the cause and effect with the world.

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I want to document the effects the austerity measures have created. The struggle families go through to provide the basic necessities for every day living. The struggle young people go through to find work and the punitive measures used against them if they fail. To explore the changes it has made in the definition of poverty and how it differs in the 21st century.

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