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Scott Houston is a documentary photographer and filmmaker who’s work is concerned with the cultural, social, and political landscape of contemporary America. His work has received world wide publication for projects on poverty, teenage access to guns, incarceration, the culture of consumerism, the decline of American manufacturing, and many other pertinent issues in contemporary America. After his BFA at NYU’s Photography and Imaging department he joined the Sygma photo agency and has worked with, Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, The London Times, National Geographic, Stern, Spin, Le Monde 2, Der Spiegel, The Open Society, CNN, PBS, and MTV among others. His work on the drug “ Ecstasy, “ has been recognized by The W. Eugene Smith Fund. It has also been exhibited at Perpignan in France, the Noordelicht gallery in Holland, ICP, the Corcoran gallery of Art in Washington D.C. and the Empty Quarter in Dubai. He is a graduate of The School of Visual Art’s MFA Photography Video and Related Media program which complies with the philosophy and understanding that, “ the camera is a universal matrix for documenting, exploring and interpreting the ever changing world around us. “ He lives in New York City.

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I was not looking for violence, murder, or drugs, but, it was a simple fact. Drugs are there and this murder happened. This is the reality of the place.

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