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Patricia Dinu was born in Bucharest and since 2000, she has lived between Milan, Italy and Bucharest, Romania. From 2000 to 2008, Patricia started her career as a model. She then became familiar with the world of Fashion Photography. Later, she developed a passion for Digital Art and Photography while obtaining certification for Adobe Photoshop CS4 Expert / 5 / 6 and Illustrator CS4 / 5. Her works are published in the magazine "Photoshop Creative Magazine". In 2010, she began studying at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan, where her mentor was Erminio Annunzi. In 2012, in parallel with her courses at the School of Photography of Milan, Italy, she studied in New York with the acclaimed photographer Amy Stein. In 2013 she graduated from the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan ,Italy . She has exhibited her works in exhibitions throughout various parts of world and has received several international awards. All this having been said, in 2011 Patricia Dinu visited the Great American SouthWest, where she immediately fell in love with the lands beauty. It is then, Patricia Dinu began her largest body of photographic work entitled "Desert Of Souls". The Desert of Souls is a research and a personal interpretation of these unique landscapes . Currently she spends 3 months, every year in the American SouthWest deserts.

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My goal is to return to the South West of America and complete a body of work by December 2014. This project is the longest running and most important in my career as photographer.

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