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I travel throughout the southwest US capturing the landscape and its beauty. I am a huge fan and love monochrome photography. I try to capture the mood and feelings within an image using monochrome. I also have a love for artistic and expressive photography. I love the work of Dali, Uelsmann, Ray, and so many other artists and try to convey many of my visions using multiple image and composite photo-art. Overall I just love photography and how I am free to express what my minds eye sees and what my soul feels... I currently capture the beauty of the southwest in my photography. I have a love for the landscape, people and creating art from my experiences. I have enjoyed photography for a good part of my life and now making a living out of what I love. I have been published over a dozen times in the last two years including National Geographic magazine, Popular Photography, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro Magazine, New Mexico magazine along with several other periodicals.

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I am currently working on an in depth series of infrared photographs capturing the amazing beauty of the desert southwest. This encompasses shooting in the states on Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico capturing the beauty of the landscape, weather and life of this wonderful part of our earth.

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