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Enzo Amato is a professional photographer based in Sydney Australia. He has more than 20 years experience in commercial and editorial photography working in Australia and overseas.He studied in Naples at the Institute of Applied Arts where he developed his passion for photography. He worked at studio Foto&Grafica and agenzia Controluce.Enzo travelled the world with his camera documenting major events, including the fall of Berlin Wall. Since moving to Australia 16 years ago he has collaborated with creative agencies, public institutions, NGOs and large to small enterprises. He specialises in media, PR, corporate portraiture, events and experiential marketing campaigns.

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My name is Vincenzo (known as Enzo) Amato. I am a commercial photographer working in Sydney, Australia. Street Art has become a major part of my photographic portfolio having worked closely with a gallery in Sydney which supports young artists who use the power of public art to visually express their social and political voice. I am about to turn 50 this year and my dream is to travel to Cuba and capture the ‘new revolution’ taking place. Cubans for decades have used street art as a medium to communicate and with my Nikon, I want to document what the people are feeling and thinking now that the borders have opened and translate these images into a photographic socio/art history book.

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