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Guido Fuà is a photojournalist and portraits photographer, his work have been commissioned and published since 1988 by various international publications and numerous Italian magazines. His interest in different cultures has led him to travel for reportages to Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Asia, the U.S. and Europe. The variety of subjects he has covered, includes social topics such as ethnic realties in their domestic environment as well in their emigration contexts; music and teenage trends; intense portraits activity of show-biz, culture, finance personalities, as well as common people from every cultural context.  "Photojournalists provide a window into parts of the world other people avoid and give a voice to the people many ignore. This is what we do."

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The whole world is an ethnic mixture, because cultures come in contact with others, and cannot withstand the constant exchanges and mutual influences. Does global multiculturalism catch us unprepared? I will investigate this question by photographing and interviewing members of the growing Creole society in Italy.

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