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I was born in 1954, İzmir, Turkey. My photographic life began as an apprentice next a master at the end of 1960's. I started my professional career as a photographer in 1973. I was a high school student at the same time. One day my art teacher saw my a few photographs and asked me why I am not opening my own photography exhibition. In the same year my first photo exhibition took place. In those years photos were of rural life images. I travelled Anatolia by hitchhiking in 1973 in summer holiday for new images. New exhibitions continued In the following years. I realised that I have got many thing to do after seeing the wideness of my country and the varieties on people living in. I educated political sciences and history in Ankara University between 1974 and 1978. I have 32 personal photo exhibitions in Turkey and 23 mixed exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Between 1975 and 2013 I have awards in several photography contests. Conception of my photography is to be the witness of the period, by focusing on its' individuals. I carry them to the future through the effect of the light. My portfolio includes the lifes of the people at different places, in different time periods. I’ve produced several social projects like Turkish Gypsies, Turkish Armenians, Masters of Covered Bazaar, Orthodox People of Antioch, Diary of a Village Doctor, Nomads of Aegean and Three May 01 Celebrations in Turkey. More:

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Completed Family portrait in a underground house

After graduating from high school in 1973, I traveled around Anatolia with money I had saved. This was my first encounter with the people and culture of Anatolia. I opened a photo exhibition with my first travel photographs when I returned. 42 years later, I decided it is time to prepare a book of my travels and experiences in Anatolia

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