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Apple lets iPhone 7 Plus owners special portrait mode test Photo: Apple Published: September 22 2016 19:52 Last Updated: September 22, 2016 19:52 Apple lets owners of the iPhone 7 Plus test a special portrait mode for the camera. Apple does with a public test version of IOS 10.1 which was released on Thursday. A beta of the software has already been made available to developers. iPhone owners can sign up for the beta on a special website . The final version of IOS 10.1 is released in October. The portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus uses two cameras from the smartphone to identify depth of objects. This makes everything except the person in a photograph taken of focus. The new feature provides only for the iPhone 7 Plus, because these are the only two cameras on the back. Young hacker jailbreak iPhone 7 within 24 hours Exploit not yet spotted in the wild Tweet Share () Share (1) Share ( 1 ) 0 That's very fast: the iPhone 7 , the first jailbreak already behind them, with 'thanks' to a young jail breaker with the alias qwertyoruiop . The hacker did this already see through Twitter and YouTube and so is the new security is not good enough, Apple has put on her phone to keep intruders out. Striking detail so well that it took him less than 24 hours to break into the phone. Afbeelding weergeven op Twitter Afbeelding weergeven op Twitter Volgen qwertyoruiop @qwertyoruiopz obligatory cydia screenshot 14:30 - 21 september 2016 363 363 retweets 655 655 vind-ik-leuks Lucrative The way he has come is not yet clear, and the jail breaker, real name Luca Todesco, still doubting whether to keep the details of the jailbreak for themselves until Apple has closed the gap with an update. It has recently become possible to get money from Apple by filing a bug in the company, but Todesco first want to look around a bit quiet on the phone and planing to jailbreak before he is going to put that kind of action. Not only the Security researchers are convinced that Todesco not the only one who already has access to the iPhone 7, but a jailbreak for one of the most popular phones on earth may well be worth something and although Apple is willing to pay for bugs is always less then you can get on the black market. A group of Chinese hackers would have an effect, but which have not hung on the big clock. get better Todesco is said to have been impressed with the improvements that Apple has made in terms of security: it took despite the rapid hack still some trouble to get in and older tactics were not effective in disconnecting the iPhone 7. There is always a way to circumvent protections, he says: "I think it will never be enough, there is always someone who wants to invest plenty of time to get in."