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Photojournalism, it is such a GREAT thing. Not only is it an outlet to express my creativity, it is also a powerful tool to help people see which areas of this world need change. Photojournalism is a way to document history, culture, people, art, and of course beautiful moments. I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to document such incredible stories and to have people who let me come into their lives to listen and feel for their stories. I feel these stories teach me so much more about humanity, and even more so about compassion. One thing that photojournalism has taught me is that we are all just looking for one thing, happiness. I've had the great honor of working on some great projects with some life changing people. The highlights in my career would be working a photographic essay about a street nurse in Belleville Ontario for four months, working on a six month photographic essay about a woman struggling with an addiction, and working with three individuals who struggle while living off of Ontario's Disability Support Program. These projects gave me such great understanding into another life, and having the tools as a photojournalist, I felt it a responsibility to give others that understanding as well. After graduating from Loyalist College where I studied photojournalism, I was hired on at PhotoSensitive ( to work as the Project Manager. Within the three years at the company I managed and curated four different projects throughout Ontario. I gained the valuable skills of managing and organizing projects as well as working alongside many of Canada's well established photographers. In December 2014 I headed off to Morocco to do a little bit of exploration which led me onto my next project- Aidez nous a Aider. It is a soul fulfilling project which was created out of love, and one year later is still up and running. I intend to keep dedicating my life to this project and finding ways to use photography as a method of social change. If you would like to learn more about the project or my photography you can reach me at

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I am currently working on a project where I create jobs for people to feed people in Essaouira, Morocco. I teach photography and video skills to the people I employ to document buying food and giving it to people who need it, then use these photographs and video as promotion.

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