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Born and raised in Switzerland in the 70’s. Death metal drummer in the 80’s. Works in the italian movie industry and studies photography at ICP in New York in the 90’s. Set photographer, portraits, food, architecture and videocameraman from the 00’s on. Personal and group shows internationally since 1997. Director of photography for the documentary “HN-Hermann Nitsch (Best Documentary Audience Award, Beverly Hills Film Festival 2011). Set photographer for the features “The Black Brothers” (2012) and “Schellen Ursli” (2014) by Academy Award winner Xavier Koller.

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My name is Aliocha Merker and I am a swiss fine art, movie stills and portrait photographer living in Rome, Italy. “Divine Cracks” represents my idealisation of the feminine essence as the source of creative rebirth, an ode to woman as her whole, depicted in an almost abstract, ethereal and elegant black&white. My love declaration to all women. I have been shooting this project for the past three years, now I aim to produce about 30 1x1mt fine art prints and a limited number catalog for a solo exhibition.

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