Posted on May 17, 2018 By Dunshea

Useful Tips To Maintain The Temperature Of Your Notebook

Many notebook users neglect one of the most important aspects of using the gadget, i.e, protecting it from overheating. Maintaining the temperature of the laptop computers is another way of enhancing its performance. The user should know and understand the safest operating temperature for a notebook.

sổ tay thời gianHow to find the temperature:

The temperature of the laptop can affect the performance of the device. But, the prime aspect of consideration is to find the notebook temperature. Here are some of the useful ways how you find the notebook temperature so that you can avoid the causes responsible for overheat of the machine.

Usually the notebooks come with software to keep track of the temperature. While purchasing notebook, look for the utility software meant to find the notebook temperature. Generally, the software is not a part of the Operating System of the computer, but a part of software provided by the manufacturer.

Apart from the preinstalled software you can download free software from the Internet. They are available with instructions of using them and help you find the temperature of your laptop. Few laptop users with technical mind use thermal sensor to keep track of the temperature of their machines.

How to keep your notebook from overheat:

Now that you are able to find the temperature of your notebook, you have to take necessary steps to maintain the temperature and protect the machine from overheating to keep the machine cool. In fact, it is an effective and cost-effective way of increasing the notebook performance.

If you feel that your notebook is getting too hot, it is high time it needs a break. Shut down the machine and allow it to cool. Also, try to place your notebook on a flat surface. You can find rubber feet that allow airflow to the lower side of the notebook. When you are using the machine placing it on a bed or any other such surfaces chances are there your laptop may not get enough air.

Alternatively, you can work with your laptop placing it on your lap if want to work away from the desk to allow proper airflow. You can also place a towel underneath to avoid the heat. Also, try to raise your notebook from the surface allowing increase of airflow to the lower surface. You can even use a laptop stand to rest your laptop on it.

Many people keep their laptop on even after placing them inside the laptop case as it is convenient to take the machine out of the bag, open the screen and work immediately. But, the environment inside the notebook case sổ tay thành công is generally warm and it can get warmer with the already switched-on computer. It can cause harm to the hardware of your laptop. It is better to shutdown the notebook before placing it in the notebook case.

sổ tay thời gianIt is common among the laptop users to keep the computer plugged in throughout the working hours. The constant flow of electricity will not only reduce the performance of the battery but also increase the heat of the battery. It will eventually overheat the laptop. It is very essential to charge your computer as long as necessary, otherwise unplug the charger once the battery is full.

Another way you can keep your laptop from overheat is by buying a laptop cooler. Of course it is a pricy choice, but it can provide cool air to the underside of the notebook. Now, enhancing the performance of your notebook is in your hand. While using your notebook, make sure that it does not get overheat.