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Latest Projects

I have a large archive of work from that period, literally thousands of images, much of which has never been seen or published before and now that a few years have passed since I hung up my RZ I’m ready to re-asses my work and collect it all together in one volume that reflects the time and the place.

  • 37% Funded
  • $920.00 Pledged
  • 16days left

A photographic meditation on American culture and identity, this campaign sets out to explore and document a geographically, and demographically, dispersed range of that great nation’s striptease performers.

  • 0% Funded
  • $0.00 Pledged
  • 15days left

My personal story encouraged me to work on this project. Over the last year, I traveled to many places in Poland and I collected the different pieces using photography as my medium. Throughout this period, I discovered new and different ways to look at my family and my life.

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  • 16days left
Ended Ulu Pamir Refugee

I travel around the world looking for people and groups of population who are struggling to survive. This year, I want to continue working in a project entitled “The Will of Existing”. I have explored various countries around the world and now I want to focus my camera in women from Congo. I have selected a place in East Congo, Kivu Region, where I found a center for refugees and victims of gender violence.

  • 15% Funded
  • $920.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Ended /mnt/target04/367787/884332/en.fotofund.org/web/content/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/SDI2238.jpg

Acts Live on is a portrait series of Japanese folk performing arts that are scattered around Japan, and they have more than 300 years of history. I would like to make a photography book to share the fascination of hidden Japanese anthropology with the people who does not know their existence yet.

  • 5% Funded
  • $250.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Ended /mnt/target04/367787/884332/en.fotofund.org/web/content/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Redemption.jpg

I am using photography to question and redefine the relationships of the organic forms that food generates.

  • 21% Funded
  • $415.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Ended _DSC1141

This campaign seeks to cover the cost of traveling to and photographing 12 different churches in the States of Morelos and Puebla, for the purpose of documenting their architecture, setting and art. The resulting images, once edited, will be made available in a website that will be set up specifically for the project.

  • 34% Funded
  • $2,725.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Ended Family portrait in a underground house

After graduating from high school in 1973, I traveled around Anatolia with money I had saved. This was my first encounter with the people and culture of Anatolia. I opened a photo exhibition with my first travel photographs when I returned. 42 years later, I decided it is time to prepare a book of my travels and experiences in Anatolia

  • 2% Funded
  • $270.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Ended Miillertintype

The John Brown Photo Chronology exhibition and catalog curated and written by historian Jean Libby in 2009 is in revision with new discoveries. Hand-printed inkjet supplement inserts and the fine arts reproduction catalog are rewards for crowdfunding assistance for publishing and mailing the revised work and production of new panels and legend plates.

  • 5% Funded
  • $182.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Ended /mnt/target04/367787/884332/en.fotofund.org/web/content/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Antonella_Albano75333.jpg

My project consists of 184 portraits of actors, dancers, photographers, designers and creative people. All of these portraits create an unconventional portrait of the city of Milan, through the eyes of the artists and creative people that live and work there.

  • 14% Funded
  • $1,150.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Successful FullSizeRender

“I believe in this project. I also know the public and the photographers enjoy it when we celebrate the event. For my project, I am seeking funds to upgrade 5 (or more) photo stations using Lattice panels and receive additional photos for public outdoor exhibitions.”

  • 102% Funded
  • $2,145.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Ended jlchavarria-series05

My goal is to create a library and cultural space dedicated entirely to photography in Guatemala.

  • 6% Funded
  • $240.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Ended JS6425.d.ff.c1

Creating an official archive of Jerry Stoll’s photography from the California jazz era.

  • 6% Funded
  • $2,245.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished

Dan Wynn’s fashion images of perfectly coiffed women tell us a lot about the time, the ideals, and what was expected of American women during the mid-twentieth century. He also photographed many major figures of the era, from Alfred Hitchcock and Salvador Dali to Bob Dylan and Al Pacino at the start of their careers.  His body […]

  • 59% Funded
  • $2,945.00 Pledged
  • Campaigndoes not end
Ended /mnt/target04/367787/884332/en.fotofund.org/web/content/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/IlDesertoDelleAnime©PatriciaDinu09.jpg

My goal is to return to the South West of America and complete a body of work by December 2014. This project is the longest running and most important in my career as photographer.

  • 10% Funded
  • $725.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Ended cover2

As a photographer, I’ve always had a keen passion for taking portraits, and I’ve been photographing people that inspire me to create iconic images since 2009. I’m motivated to understand the often-tenuous relationships between science, anthropology, religion, mythology, and folkloric tradition, and I explore these topics in my work. I also feel the drive to […]

  • 3% Funded
  • $630.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Successful /mnt/target04/367787/884332/en.fotofund.org/web/content/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/2.jpg

Since 2010, I traveled throughout Europe to meet men and women who made the radical choice to live away from cities, willing to abandon their lifestyle based on performance, efficiency and consumption. This documentary project is an attempt to make a kind of contemporary tale and to give back a little bit of magic to our modern civilization.

  • 101% Funded
  • $3,021.11 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Ended Enrico_1

The Forgotten Americans is a series of portraits involving one of the most marginalized groups in the Philippines – the abandoned American children called the Amerasians.

  • 12% Funded
  • $3,595.00 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished